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St Paul's Learning Centre mural

A listening adventure exploring St. Paul's experienced on your smartphone

'Some people call dem duppy.
Dem is the half of we spirit that stay on earth.
The other half gone to the ancestors.
Most is good, some is pure trouble.
Some well, they just like mischief.'


A duppy has gone loose in St Pauls and leading duppy hunter, Josie needs your help tracking it down.


In most cases detecting, capturing and returning duppies is straightforward but this Duppy teases Josie with clues to its whereabouts and its next potential victim.

You will be Josie’s eyes and ears, helping her to solve the riddles the duppy leaves on its trail.

What's a Duppy?

A ghost or restless spirit is known as a ‘Duppy’ in Jamaica, or a Jumbie in many smaller Caribbean islands.

Traditionally, a good duppy is usually a deceased family member or friend who ‘dreams you’ – meaning they appear in your dreams and give you advice or information.


Get Started!

Text Duppy Hunter to 07481340803 to start your journey.

Chrome and Safari are the two best browsers to run the experience.


The story starts at the Trinity Centre where Josie first learns about her mission.

You can either:

  • walk over to the Trinity centre to start your journey (A)

  • or pick up the story from Newfoundland Road (B)


To get to Newfoundland Road from the Learning Centre, walk across St Paul’s Green then turn right down St Nicolas Street to the corner of Newfoundland Road.


Once you are at Newfoundland Road facing the bridge, forward the audio trail to 18 mins. Josie is just about to encounter the Duppy.  


Please refer to the Advice Document and Manual for full instructions, a map of the trail and troubleshooting support.


Bubbling with magical realism, Duppy Hunter: A Local’s Guide to St Pauls, Bristol, is the third instalment from ENDS & TALES by Tamasha and Coney – a series of immersive smart phone adventures on foot, inspired by the untold stories and histories around us.


Directed by Hanna Adu-Boateng

Written by Dr Edson Burton (Armour of Immanuel, The Chosen One, Deacon)

Inspired by interviews with the local people of Bristol and their memories

Composer: Courtney Beckford

Sound Design: Jake Gaule

Produced by Tamasha’s Digital Lead, Tuyet Van Huynh (Barbershop Chronicles 360° National Theatre 2017) with support from Community Producer for Trinity Community Arts, Stefan Boakye (Outlier (2022), Around the World in BS5, (2023)). 

Photos: Sophia Stefellé

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