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St Paul's Learning Centre mural


Click here for more detailed disability access information 

on the centre's AccessAble page

Please note that this information is currently under construction, if you are coming to the centre for a booked event and would like more information please get in touch.

St Pauls Learning Centre is fully wheelchair accessible, with ramp and on-street access into the building, and a well-maintained lift to the additional floors (see below for a description of our buildings layout and access).

We have accessible toilets on all floors and all doorways are 98cm wide as a minimum.

Over the coming year we are hoping to improve our accessibility to account for both hard of hearing and seeing members of the public.  This includes adding a hearing loop at our reception, contrasting visual markers around the building and braille signposting.  

If you have any questions, queries or recommendations around accessibility, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Building Description

The building consists of two blocks set at 90 degrees from each other.

The main entrance to the Learning Centre is accessed from the Grosvenor rd side.  There are 6 steps leading directly up to the main doors, to the right of which there is a ramp with a 180 degree right turn roughly around 5metres along to face back towards the entrance.  If approaching from the ramp, the doors will be on your left.

The main doors open outwards automatically on approach when we are fully open to the public.  There are rails either side of the doorway to mark the space.  To the left of this there is a protruding postbox on the wall with a fob access panel on the to the right roughly ?cm from the ground.   There is also a doorbell that rings through to the office by the main entrance.

Inside the foyer, the reception booth is at an angle on the right around 2m ahead.  Please be aware there is a pillar located  4m straight ahead from the entrance.  

To the left is the main stairwell, to the right of which is the lift with the call button on the left and control buttons on the left as you enter.  

To access other floors via the stairs there are 3 lots of steps spiraling to the right.  The floor corridors are straight ahead through a doorway to the left and right at roughly 45degrees from your present position.  Offices and toilets along the left corridor, offices on the left side and toilets to the right.  The accessible toilet is the second door along. 


To access the corridor on the right, housing further offices and our training, meeting rooms and art rooms, there is a doorway to the right.  All rooms in this corridor are on the right-hand side and windows on the left.  These layouts are the same for both upper floors.  

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