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Local Arts and Outdoor Progression Worker - Imayla

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Job title: Local Arts and Outdoor Progression Worker

Reporting to: Lead Arts and Outdoor Progression Worker ( based with Imayla)

Posts: One day per week in Lawrence Weston OR Hillfields/Frome Vale


This post is part of a larger project, ‘Sustainable Play’ run by Playful Bristol, in conjunction with various partner organisations. Imayla is running the progression work in the project, and is looking for two Local Progression Workers to join our team. There is one progression worker based in different places throughout the city, each progression worker focuses on connecting local children and families with local and city wide play opportunities. The posts will be overseen by Imayla’s Lead Progression Worker, who will be based at their office in St Pauls Learning Centre, in central Bristol, and will also be working one day per week on the project. Imayla offers fun and learning opportunities for young people, families and groups, combining creative arts and environmental activities inspired by the natural environment. Our aim is to support children, young people and their families to get away from it all, to learn in new places and in new ways and to make connections across cultural, artistic and physical divides. Imayla has identified a need for specific work that connects the children, young people (CYP) and families that we work with to wider social and cultural opportunities in the city. Families can feel excluded from the opportunities available for many reasons including a lack of confidence, low income, because organisers fail to consider diversity and cultural issues. We are also approached by partner organisations to access the contacts, skills and/or cultural understanding to connect with the communities we aim to support. Through the Playful Bristol three year project, the Local Progression Workers will support families to access opportunities, enabling them to engage in valuable participatory activities, experiences and opportunities. You will support Imayla, Playful Bristol and local children and families through:

  • Building positive relationships with children and families to encourage participation

  • Attending regular play sessions, run as a part of the project, to get to know local children and families who would benefit from progression opportunities

  • Signposting children and families to the regular play sessions

  • Identifying and promoting a range of local social, cultural and recreational opportunities

  • Working with current partners as well as creating new opportunities for collaboration

  • Organising group activities and visits to outdoor and arts opportunties and engagement with the city’s cultural highlights such as St Paul’s Carnival, Play Day, etc

  • Supporting participants to overcome barriers to participation such as culture, confidence, language, literacy and numeracy, location and transport issues

  • Recruiting and coordinating volunteers to support participant and organisation engagement

The Imayla Lead Progression Worker will support you in this work by:

  • Identifying and promoting a range of social, cultural and recreational opportunities and partnerships that are Bristol wide

  • Working with partner organisations to promote cultural understanding, awareness and the confidence to engage with a diverse group of people

  • Connecting you to city wide opportunities and the other Local Progression Workers

  • Regular supervisions and group meetings

  • The infrastructure to safely recruit and manage volunteers

  • Connect you with the Lawrence Weston Play Sessions

  • Handing over any contacts, relationships and local knowledge already formed


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