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St Pauls Learning Centre and Ethical Property believe that spaces should be safe, supportive and most importantly welcoming and inclusive to all.

We do not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment within our spaces and believe the best way to combat this is to provide spaces that are non-judgemental and that celebrate diversity in our society. We welcome bookings from those who pro-actively demonstrate inclusivity, diversity, social inclusion and respect our values.

Our sessional hire spaces are suitable for training, workshops, meetings, creative classes and events. 

All rooms have whiteboards, tables, chairs and WiFi access as standard.  A range of optional extras are also available on request.

​If you would like to find out more about hiring a room, please read our FAQ's and Hirers Guidelines or contact us. You can also book online here.

If you are interested in hiring office space for your organisation, please fill out this form.

You can find more info here

Spaces and rates
Classroom 1. view from door.jpg

Classroom 1

Large, bright room suited for training, workshops, meetings and talks.​ 

  • Capacity: 25 

  • Folding tables on wheels

  • Hourly Rate: £25.00 (sliding concessions scale)  

  • Day Rate 7h or more: 1h free

                                     12h: 2h free

Art 1 . 1.png

Art room 1

Large bright room with standing height worktops on 2 sides. Most suited to messy creative work, but equally used for training, workshops and meetings.

  • 2 large sinks

  • Capacity: 26 

  • Hourly Rate: £25.00 (sliding concessions scale)  

  • Day Rate 7h or more: 1h free                                                      12h: 2h free


Community Cafe


The round table in our busy café is perfect for drop-in sessions providing info, advice and support to the community. 

Please contact us if you have an offering. 

Day-time only, one-off or regular slots.


Monday to Thursday: 7pm -9pm

Sunday: 10am to 5pm

Well suited for community consultations, creative expression and events of community benefit.

  • Capacity: 30 Seated 

  • Hourly Rate: £25 (sliding concessions scale)

Classroom 2.png

Classroom 2

Smallest of our training rooms, well suited for all kinds of classes, training, workshops, meetings and talks.

  • Capacity: 22 

  • Hourly Rate: £25.00 (sliding concessions scale)  

  • Day Rate 7h or more: 1h free                                                      12h: 2h free

Art 2 .1.png

Art room 2

​Large bright classroom surrounded by standing height worktops.


Suitable for dry/clean work, as well as other workshops and meetings.

  • 1 large sink

  • worktop mounted vice

  • Capacity: 30 

  • Hourly Rate: £25.00 (sliding concessions scale)  

  • Day Rate 7h or more: 1h free                                                      12h: 2h free

Community Darkroom

Community darkroom

Managed by the Real Photography Company, our Community Darkroom can host both B&W and Colour work, and is available for private practice and as a training facility with membership options available.

  • 10 enlargers: 35mm, medium format, and 4 x 5 inch

  • Floor standing enlarger with height adjustable printing surface

  • Black & white printing room

  • Black & white film processing room

  • Durst Printo colour printing unit - 12 x 16 inch

  • Daylight film and print drying and finishing room with light box

  • Large UV exposure box for cyanotypes and alternative processes

For more information about the Darkroom facilities, membership, pricing and booking,  please visit the Real Photograpy Company website.  


Classroom 3 

​Large Classroom well suited well for all kinds of classes, training, meetings and talks.

  • Capacity: 25 

  • Hourly Rate: £25.00 (sliding concessions scale)  

  • Day Rate 7h or more: 1h free                                                      12h: 2h free



​Large bright open space with chairs and trestle tables available for you to set up. Well suited for larger training sessions, meetings and events, movement based activities, film screenings etc.  Being based in our annex, it is well suited for noisier activities.

  • Capacity Seated: 65 Theatre style

  • Capacity Standing: 150 max

  • Hourly Rate: £35.00 (sliding concessions scale)  

  • Day Rate 7h or more: 1h free                                                      12h: 2h free 


Booking Extras

(see Booking FAQ's for more details)


Please note all resources need to be booked in advance


  • Projector / Smart TV:  £10 per session / Free to use for Band A customers

  • Laptops Trolley (10 Chromebooks):  £20 per session  / Free to use for Band A customers

  • Flipchart with paper:  £5 per session (pens not included)


  • Portable Induction Loop: FREE (on demand)

Refreshments options

  • Unlimited refreshments - Coffee & selection of Teas : £2 a head (non dairy milk on request)

  • Biscuits: £2 per session per 20ppl 

  • Kettle/Urn & Cups (provide your own tea and coffee):  £5 per 10ppl per session

  • Large Urn only (35litres):  £20 per session

  • Hot food and snacks: Contact Glen to arrange on 0777 217 75 09 

       You are also welcome to bring in external catering providing you can be self sufficient.


Online bookings

Hallmaster Calendar

Hallmaster is our online booking system, allowing customers to manage their own bookings. 

New and existing customers can use the calendar below to check for room availability and select the '+' to add their booking requests.  New customers will be prompted to set up a customer account.

Please get in touch if you need any help with this.

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